Transforming Maintenance with Technology

Manage building compliance & maintenance.
Drive profitability, efficiency & safety.

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What is FaciliHUB?

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  • FaciliHUB is interactive software which uses e-mails, push notifications and
    dashboards to manage maintenance and compliance
  • FaciliHUB schedules Job Cards to manage maintenance
  • FaciliHUB connects you to your assets in real time with smart sensors
  • FaciliHUB lets your assets send you live data, notifications and alarms
  • FaciliHUB stores and organizes documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, etc.
  • FaciliHUB lets you store critical asset data and documents inside QR Codes

FaciliHUB Features

What’s the objective of FaciliHUB?

  • To help you avoid Health & Safety non-compliance penalties
  • To help you avoid failures and disasters caused by bad maintenance practice
  • To improve maintenance and make your organization more profitable


Keeps you compliant with all statutory regulations and legislation.



Smart technology and algorithms minimizes loss of production.



All documents, information and live data are stored securely and backed up in the cloud.



Whether you have one site or many, our solution still works effectively.

We build customer success stories

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Hear It From Them

“FaciliHUB is so easy to use. We saw a consistent increase in profits using it.”

Aspen Pharmacare

“FaciliHUB gives us peace of mind. We know our maintenance is done on time every time. We feel safer.”

Groote Schuur Hospital – WCG, Health

“We receive live alarms from our critical assets. Our operations are consistent & rock solid.”

Distell Group Limited