A closer look at FaciliHUB


Setup is the Key to Unlock the power of FaciliHUB

  • FaciliHUB uses a focused and structured approach when setting up your organization.
  • FaciliHUB facilitates user training during the set up process.
  • FaciliHUB’s approach is simple; the correct way is the only way.
  • Register assets in 3 easy steps:
    • Upload floor plan
    • Create asset template
    • Drag and drop asset template onto floor plan
  • You will experience the power and simplicity of FaciliHUB when you book a live demo.


A Smart System with a Focus on Real-Time Connectivity

Real-time dashboard module connects to IOT, WiFi, GPRS and ethernet sensors to monitor live asset data and receive alerts, alarms and notifications. Other features include:

• Electrical power load profiling • UPS & inverter performance tracking
• PV performance tracking • Battery health • Water management & usage
• Temperature • Humidity • Flood detection • IT data network traffic
monitoring • Stock theft • Stock tracking in transit • many more.

Intuitive and flexible

Features to manage Compliance and Maintenance

Interacting with FaciliHUB features gives you context of flow and usability:

  • Easy Site & Asset Registration.
  • Search for assets using smart search, smart filters and the “Locate” button.
  • Attach datasheets, photos, videos and other files to an asset.
  • Create a single QR-Code for hundreds of pages.
  • Create a QR-Code for an asset.
  • Change or revise asset or document contents without updating QR-Codes.
  • Attach multiple assets to a single Job Card and assign specific instructions to each asset.
  • Track the exact status of any Job Card instantly.
  • Share information with your entire organisation in 3 mouse clicks.
  • Drop down menus become more intuitive when FaciliHUB remembers past entries.
  • Export dashboards to MS Excel, csv, pdf and print.

EFFICIENT, No complications

Assessments made simple, quick and accurate

Condition assessment module for mobile devices:

• Simply touch location on floor plan • Take pictures • Insert videos
• Insert files • Make comments, Voice notes & notes • Store
information inside unique icons for each service • Export
information to MS Excel, csv and pdf files for reports


Why FaciliHUB?

  • We have partnered with global sensor and communication experts to implement corrective, preventative, predictive & proactive maintenance.
  • Designed by professionals registered with Engineering Council of South Africa and are active in the compliance, maintenance and safety sectors.
  • South African based R&D deploys specific requirements for clients and accelerates ROI.
  • Sensors transmit real-time alarm data and automatically prepare Job Cards for approval without human intervention.
  • Smart sensors and algorithms react to the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

The FaciliHUB Ecosystem

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FaciliHUB Implementation Means

Quick and Simplified Deployment

Increased Reliability

Increased Safety

Increased Production

Increased Profit

Pricing Plans

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Pricing Plans

FaciliHUB CMMS software to simplify
building compliance & maintenance

FaciliHUB is a scalable solution to fit your business model with tools which are available across all devices and operating systems.

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